Vulcan 40 lb. Gas Energy Efficient Fryer

Vulcan 40 lb. Gas Energy Efficient Fryer

The 40 lb Gas All-Purpose Fryer (1GR35M-1) made by Vulcan is a freestanding fryer with a 14 inch deep and 14 inch wide fry area. Made from stainless steel, the fryer is made to last long through intensive production and years of service. The fryer has a 35-40 pound capacity and comes standard with two baskets, giving you the ability to fry a variety of products at once and continuously keep products coming. Every aspect of the fryer has been designed to promote easy cleaning as much as possible, from the overall design to the specialty tools included with the unit. The fryer’s 3 heat exchanger tubes are positioned for easy cleaning, and it comes standard with a tank brush, stainless steel crumb scoop and a clean-out rod.
  • Tech Specs

    15 1/2"(w) x 30 1/4"(d) x 47 1/8"(h) 

    Available in gas

    Spec Sheet 

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