Presto 12” Deluxe Meat Slicer

Presto 12” Deluxe Meat Slicer

Every deli, convenience store, or grocery store is not complete without a high volume meat slicer. The 12” Deluxe Meat Slicer (PS-12D) is the perfect way to save space while accomplishing the perfect cut of meat. This model comes equipped with Presto’s reliable and dependable belt drive design, an adjustable slicing knob, and a ring guard for safety. The built in sharper will extend the life of the 12” knife. The carriage is removable making cleaning and sanitizing a breeze. This model has permanent lubricated carriage ball bearings to ensure quite operation.

Motor: 120 volts and 60 hertz for use with single-phase power in North America
Transmission: Belt drive
Dimensions: 32 25/128” x 17 ½” x 20 51/64”
  • Tech Specs

    120 volts & 60 hertz for use

    Spec sheet

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