Imperial Range 15.5" Pasta Production Station

Imperial Range 15.5" Pasta Production Station

IPC-14 18 Electrical Requirements: (Please Choose At Checkout)


Cooking station for pasta production.

Exclusive water wash system removes the starch evenly across the entire surface of the water and reduces foaming.

105,000 BTU/hr. burner system delivers even heat through a large oval heat exchanger tube.

A unique baffle design efficiently transfers heat into the water throughout the entire vessel.

The tube design and water wash system create a natural convection action to recirculate fresh hot water into the vessel.

Available with a manual timer or computer controls with multiple time feature for different product drop times.

Water replacement can be adjusted from 1 gallon per hour to 3 gallons per minute depending on the specific need.
  • Tech Specs

    15 1/2"(w) x 35 3/8"(d) x 47 1/8"(h) 

    Available in gas, electric, LP

    Spec Sheet

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