Hobart Select Door-type Dishwasher

Whether it's a delicate a wine glass or a grimy pot, the new Hobart AM15-1 select high temperature / low temperature dishwasher can clean them all. The four washing cycles on this unit are 1, 2, 4, and 6 minutes long, and let you select the one that assures all your dishware, glassware and flatware is totally clean. With increased wash water pressure it cleans and sanitizes everything the first time. This Hobart dish machine has features such as a new water and energy saving rinse system, a door- actuated start, and self- draining stainless steel pump and impeller. Core issues such as cost of ownership, productivity, and food safety led to the development of this unit, which uses less water, only 3/4 of a gallon per rack, than any other door-type warewasher on the market. It is also equipped with touch-pad controls that are simple for operators to access and use, and a deliming cycle with an optional notification capability. The AM15-1 is also very versatile, with models available to h
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