Habco - Commercial Glass 2-door Fridge

Habco - Commercial Glass 2-door Fridge

Habco SE46 Features:
- Exclusive, Bottom Mounted, Cassette® Refrigeration System exchangeable in less than 5 minutes from front without opening the door allows ease of maintenance, service and upgrade
- Completely Front Breathing, Cassette® refrigeration requires less space and can be enclosed top, and both sides.
- High Performance 1/2 Horsepower Refrigeration for those applications requiring robust pulldown of ambient room temperature products.
- NEW, Improved and Exclusive Lint-Tolerant Design with Three Fins Per Inch, maximizes air-flow over the compressor and minimizes build-up of dust and lint.
- High Efficiency Insulated Safety Glass Doors are 30% more efficient than triple-pane, and 22% lighter maximizing hardware lifespan.
- HABCO® Exclusive Self-Closing Swing Doors feature Easy-Mount Door System, Hold-Open Position, and Spring-Back Protection.
- Accepts standard 13" x 18" Trays.
  • Tech Specs

    47.5"(w) x 31.0"(d) x 78.0"(h)

    Available in electric

    Spec sheet

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