Rational 102 SelfCookingCentre

Rational 102 SelfCookingCentre

This model of Combi Oven SCC WE 102 made by RATIONAL can be used for many methods of cooking: stewing, baking, roasting and etc.. Only this model of oven easily substitutes a few devices in a professional kitchen. Represented in iPelican catalog Combi Oven SCC WE 102 has following dimensions: length – 1069 mm, depth – 971 mm, height – 1042 mm. According to the manufacturer's instruction net weight is about 182 kg. The overall quantity levels, provided for this combi oven SCC WE 102, - 10. Optimal gastronome container size is GN 2/1-65 -. Therewith, provided guide-to-guide distance for gastro containers is 65 mm. Furthermore, temperature range of this model of Combi Oven, maximum temperature is about 300 °C, and minimal temperature is 30 °C. Provided in represented model of Combi Oven steam generation type is steam generator (boiler). To keep the Combi oven in optimal condition есть steam generator self-cleaning device. Its also should be noted, that this model of Combi Oven SCC WE 102
  • Tech Specs

    42" W x 38 1/4" D x 41" H

    Available in Gas

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