The critically acclaimed Silvershine™ is a "must-have" appliance that ensures 100% consistency in presenting pristine cutlery for your guests. Even better, it does so while reducing your labor, improving your food safety and has a low annual operating cost.

The Silvershine™ was the recipient of the Kitchen Innovations 2007 Award presented by the National Restaurant Association.

The CDM-STAR is Campus Products’ most versatile and popular product. Built for the restaurant industry, this table-top model is perfect for any restaurant from low to high volume.


Simply drop freshly-washed, wet cutlery into Silvershine™ and 30-40 seconds later it is dry and perfectly polished!

  • Insert clean, wet cutlery in hopper
  • Warm granulate vibrates on cutlery
  • Granulate absorbs water while polishing
  • UV-C lamp kills bacteria like Covid-19
  • Cutlery is dry and polished in seconds
  • up to 3,000 items per minute
  • heats to 338 F
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