Berkel 13" Automatic Gravity Feed Meat Slicer

This Berkel X13A-PLUS automatic gravity feed meat slicer delivers superior performance in all high-volume applications, easily handling even large meats and cheeses with its 13" diameter forged stainless steel knife! An automatic feed design moves the product carriage without the constant need for an operator, while 3 speeds (20, 40, and 60 slices per minute) and 3 stroke lengths (1/3, 2/3, and full stroke) let you adjust operation to suit your needs. Additionally, product thickness is controlled by an index knob, and a rear-mounted meat pusher and product fence ensure even, consistent slicing every time. For easy cleaning, it features a one-piece polymer base and large capacity product table, with a kick stand to allow easy access beneath the unit. It also comes with a mechanical gauge plate interlock to cover the knife blade during cleaning, reducing the risk of cuts.
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