Axis Vertical Four Burner Broiler

Axis Vertical Four Burner Broiler

This AX-VB4 Axis vertical four burner broiler is great for cooking all sorts of meat. The unitized base and heavy-duty stainless steel construction provides a strong and reliable professional appliance suited for any kitchen. The AX-VB4 features an electric motor positioned at the top of the unit, away from any fats, and can rotate clockwise and counter-clockwise. This broiler is shipped with gas orifices in both Natural and LP Gas. If the flame extinguishes, the thermo-elements will cut any gas flow. The unique E-Z slide dual-rail system allows meats to be broiled closer or further from the heat source, as well as angled. 
Dimensions: 45"H x 18"W x 22"D
120 volt cord and plug required for motor rotation
  • Tech Specs

    18"(w) x 22"(d) x 45"(h)

    Available in natural & LP gas 

    Spec Sheet

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